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I am a researcher in hard condensed matter physics. My work is experimental in nature and in particular, I am investigating quantum materials and magnetism including skyrmions, quantum spin liquid state etc. My research includes crystal growth, structural and magnetic characterisation as well as neutron scattering.

My current research involves exploring quantum magnetism in natural mineral single crystals with Cu-spin 1/2 systems having strong quantum fluctuations and magnetic frustration.


Research interests:

Quantum Spin Liquid





Neutron scattering

Some glimpses of my research:


Our neutron diffraction measurements reveal the formation of skyrmion states in large areas of the magnetic phase diagram, from the lowest temperatures up to the A-phase. We show that nascent and disappearing spiral states near-critical lines catalyze topological charge changing processes, leading to the formation and destruction of skyrmionic states at low temperatures, which are thermodynamically stable or metastable depending on the orientation and strength of the magnetic field. Skyrmions are surprisingly resilient to high magnetic fields: the memory of skyrmion lattice states persists in the field polarized state, even when the skyrmion lattice signal has disappeared. 

Charles University, Prague

FRM-II reactor, TU Munich

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